Honeycomb type SCR catalyst

Extruded Catalyst

Global No.1 Marine SCR Catalyst Supplier The Honeycomb catalyst is a DeNOx & extruded catalyst that is manufactured in a honeycomb shape by extruding only with catalytic material.

  • Product Usage

    Removal of nitrogen oxide and dioxin

  • Features

    High DeNOx efficiency, high surface area

  • Application

    Marine, Power plant, Incinerator, Industrial plant, etc.

  • Patents

  • Certificates

    Performance Certificates (No.25-034, Small and Medium Business Administration, 2006)
    NEP New Excellent Product (NEP-1692(KT), Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2008)

NH Series_ NANO Honeycomb type catalyst

Nano manufactures and supplies a Honeycomb catalyst with various specifications depending on operating environments.

Extruded Catalyst

NH Series Product Specification

Application Marine Engine Power Plant Incinerator & Industrial Plant
Number of cell 30~47 13~30 30~60
Inner wall thickness 0.60~0.40 mm 1.45~0.60 mm 0.60~0.30 mm
Specific surface area 698~1,090 m²/m³ 296~698 m²/m³ 698~1,402 m²/m³
Production capacity 6,000 m³/year