• Catalytic TiO2 Powder

    NANO owns titanium dioxide powder factory in china and thereby NANO
    can manufacture high quality catalyst with cost competitiveness due to the
    supply of own titanium dioxide powder.

    Developed NANO owned technology
    Own patents from Korea, China and USA.
    Various catalysts and fibers, cosmetics, electronics, pigments,
    foods, etc.
    Method for manufacturing photocatalytic dioxide powder
    (No US 6,306,361 B1, USA, 2001 / No195940, China 2005)
    Manufacturing method of titanium dioxide powder for
    photocatalyst. (No.0430405, Korea, 2004)
    Manufacturing method of titania for extrusion forming of
    De-NOx catalyst (No.10-0641694, Korea, 2006)
    Manufacturing method of high density titanium dioxide powder
    for de-NOx catalyst (No.10-1042018, Kroea, 2011)
    NT Korea New Technology Certificate
    (No.2005-025, Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2005)
    NEP New and Excellent Product Certificate
    (NEP-2005-025(NT), Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2006)

    NT Series_ NANO Titanium Dioxide / NANO manufactures and sales titanium
    dioxide powders of various specifications according to customer's specific
    request and final application purpose.

    NT Series Product Specification
    Items NT series
    Particle Size(First/Second) 10~30nm / D50 1.5㎛
    Specific surface area 80~100m2/g
    Chemical camponent TiO2 85~95%
    WO3~10% / SiO2 0~5%
    Crystalline phase Anatase
    Capacity 12,000 MT/year
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  • NANO Yufeida (TiO2 powder manufacturing plant)

    NANO Yufeida is manufacturing plant that base on NANO's long-term
    accumulated nanoparticle production technology with experience and China's
    largest and highest quality titanium ore mine. It is eco-friendly global nano-
    sized titanium dioxide manufacturing plant through certified ISO 9001,
    14000, and 18000 process control, quality control, and product management.

    Plant outline
    Company Name NANO Yufeida Co., Ltd.  
    Establishment January 2014
    (Establishment of new joint venture corporation)
    Location China Yunan
    Area 121,000 m2
    Production scope 12,000 MT/year
    Production Process Ore – Dissolution – Concentration – Hydrolysis
    - Washing - Calcination - Packing